Why buy organic baby gifts

It is well known that Mulberry Organics only sell organic baby gifts but why buy organic and what does it mean.

According to the Soil Association the UKs largest organic certification body, “Intensive agriculture causes soil erosion, chemical run-off into water systems and can mean some weeds and insects become resistant to herbicides and pesticides. Organic farming on the other hand doesn’t rely on synthetic or petroleum-based pesticides or fertilizers. It significantly reduces water and soil contamination. Wildlife can thrive.”

It is not a well-known fact but a baby’s skin is much thinner than that an adult making them more susceptible to the dangerous and harmful chemicals used intensive agriculture used to grow standard cotton, alternatively organic cotton used in all our gifts and clothing range is free of toxic residue.

Organic cotton has other benefits apart from being toxin free. It’s safer and stronger than standard cotton and it feels good better than standard cotton. Although initially more expensive than standard cotton which lasts 10 to 20 washes before it starts to breakdown due to its fibres being weakened due to  dying, bleaching, scouring and all the chemical treatments, however organic cotton can last up to 100 wahes before its fibres breakdown.

Why Organic

Mummy and Little Princess Baby Gift Basket

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